now live: Is this uncensored social media site the next big thing in online free speech?

(NaturalNews) You are now living in an era of extreme censorship of truthful news. All news outlets that engage in real journalism by asking skeptical questions about government, Ebola, national debt, vaccines, GMOs and other “sensitive” topics are systematically censored by all online news aggregators and social media sites.

As a result, interest in alternative non-censored social media is exploding, and there are two uncensored services you need to learn about and start using as your primary news feeds. The news stories you’ll see on these services are AMAZING and reflect the real state of affairs happening in the world, not the sanitized news you’re allowed to see on corporate-run services like Google News which cater to government-controlled news sources.

These two services are the newly launched and Diaspora. is an uncensored social media site that also protects your privacy. FB spies on you and even runs psychological experiments on its users, but does nothing of the kind.

Click here to sign up right now with — it’s free to use. There are already thousands of members and it’s growing by the day.

Once you’re signed up, just watch the Natural News feed page for 100% uncensored posts throughout the day. Unlike other social media sites that heavily censor posts based on keywords, shows you ALL the posts, censoring nothing. You get 100% of the news you want to get.

If you’re tired of being controlled by FB and you want full access to real, independent news of what’s happening in our crazy world, join now.

Every alternative media publisher should start using right now. It’s the destination of choice for those who seek truth in an age of extreme censorship and disinfo. If you know an alternative news publisher, encourage them to sign up and start posting on today.

Diaspora is another powerful tool for truth and freedom

Diaspora is a powerful new information sharing system built by passionate defenders of free speech, privacy and liberty. It’s also experiencing an explosion of interest as people flee the surveillance-driven social media websites in search of privacy and truth.

Natural News supports the Diaspora community by running our own pod, helping provide infrastructure to the global Diaspora system.

Click here for simple instructions on signing up with Diaspora.

Once you’re signed up, click here to monitor the Natural News stream where we post important stories throughout the day. All our posts are 100% uncensored, and Diaspora never invades your privacy or treats you like a psychological experiment the way other social media sites do.

Join the stampede away from conventional media and spy-on-you social media

Everybody who cares about privacy, freedom and truth is now turning away from conventional media sources and popular social media. Conventional news sources are wholly obedient to the agendas of the White House and powerful corporations, which is exactly why none of them dared print the truth about the recent CDC whistleblower who revealed scientific fraud inside the CDC.

The national media also recently agreed to censor news reporting on Ebola based on orders from the CDC / White House. This is why Ebola news suddenly and magically disappeared, even as the Ebola high-risk watch list has exploded to over 350 people in New York City.

If you are getting your news from any traditional sources, you are being controlled through selective news censorship and distortions. The information they’re “allowing” you to see is only the information the government and corporations want you to see. Everything else is scrubbed from the news sites, social media sites and government agency sites. As a recent example of all this,read how the CDC scrubbed its recent admission that Ebola could spread via aerosolized particles.

Action steps to take now

In summary:
Click here to sign up with

Once you’re signed up, monitor the Natural News feed page for uncensored news 24/7.

Click here for instructions on signing up with Diaspora. Once you’re signed up, click here to monitor the Natural News stream, which is also 100% uncensored.

We are posting all our stories throughout the day to both services, so signing up for either one (or both) will keep you in the know.

It is now apparent that the government WON’T tell you the truth about a viral outbreak, currency collapse, war with Russia or any other important topic

Everybody now knows beyond any doubt that the U.S. government is operating in “smoke and mirrors” mode about almost everything. The American public will absolutely not be told the truth about any large event that threatens public safety.


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