Russia hopes to have hypersonic missile in 2020

TASS – Russia’s Perspective Research Foundation (FPI) is creating an integrated system of modeling for the development of hypersonic aircraft. The system will be made entirely of domestically produced computation modules, the fund’s deputy general director, Vitaly Davydov, told TASS.

Last spring there were reports that the program for creating hypersonic missile technologies in Russia had been finalized already and the first hypersonic missile is to be delivered by 2020. Hypersonic vehicles are expected to fly five times faster than the speed of sound (Mach 5). As the Defense Ministry said later Russia had already created a formula of the propellant required for accelerating missiles to such speeds.

“Now we’ve got to pool efforts by all research centers and organizations operating in that field. For that there should be created one center accumulating all research data and making them available to the contractors concerned. In our opinion there should be no situations in which some researchers have achieved success in thermal or aerodynamic computations, but nobody can use them, because there is no access,” Davydov explained.

He believes that the project will make it possible to create a national library of software for supercomputers capable of performing full functional modeling of hypersonic flight vehicles in the interests of all manufacturers involved