Video: Max Blumenthal on the ways Zionism exploits anti-Semitism

Here’s a video of Max Blumenthal speaking about anti-Semitism at University of Glasgow last month, a brief part of his Israeli Apartheid Week 2015 presentation at the college. I contacted the person who uploaded the clip, a reader and commenter here, these are his words:

The perverse and counterintuitive relationship between Zionism/Israel and anti-Semitism is a difficult thing to articulate. Blumenthal does a great job of illuminating this very dangerous, and very real, relationship. He’s got an uncanny ability to articulate out loud, and very directly, the connections and concepts which many of us have difficulty expressing and can only intuitively feel. Since these truths are rarely spoken in public platforms, for me it’s very powerful to witness Blumenthal illuminate this concept so concisely. Just when you think he couldn’t possibly make a more critical point or make things any clearer, he makes another key observation/analogy. And he does it consistently and off the cuff. He’s a special cat, he’s an epiphany distributor.